Breeding Services

Little Hawk Farm always has resident stallions and is home to many other visiting stallions during breeding season. Some of these stallions come to the farm and stay for the duration of the breeding season. Others ship in for breeding mares by natural cover or are collected for mares to be bred by artificial insemination on the farm. Dr. Huffman is available on the farm to collect and package semen for shipment.

If you are a mare owner, Dr. Huffman can assist you with breeding your mare to the stallion of your choice. Except where breed registry prohibits, most stallions now offer the shipment of fresh cooled or frozen semen. If you wish to breed your mare with fresh cooled or frozen semen, Little Hawk Farm will board your mare, follow her cycle through a program of teasing and palpation and at the appropriate time, order semen produced by any stallion of your choice from whom shipped semen is available. Dr. Huffman uses ultrasonography in all phases of the breeding process.





16.1 HH 2005 KWPN Stallion

by Balou du Rouet and out of the Voltaire mare, Udine



16.3 HH Hanoverian Stallion


Pure Pauli

American Quarter Horse