Our Staff


Donald "Scott" Frankel
Farm Manager
Owner of Little Hawk Farm LLC

Scott Frankel took over ownership of the boarding business of Little Hawk Farm from Dr. Tom Newton & Jennifer Newton in February 2020. Prior to that, Scott served as the Farm Manager of Little Hawk Boarding since March 2019. He holds a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts - Boston in accounting. Prior to his exposure to the horse world, he was a senior level accountant for a publicly traded company on the NYSE for 7 years, specializing in SEC fillings. He is a graduate of the Groom Elite Program established by Dr. C. Reid Mclellan. Scott is also a founding member of The Little Hawk Reentry Foundation & serves on the James River Horse Foundation Reentry Committee. Scott resides at Little Hawk Farm and has a gorgeous Hanoverian named Stella, a mini named Fiona, a beagle named Buddy, and two cats Silly & Ollie. He has a special passion for breeding & foaling, and strives to create a community within the boarding business at Little Hawk Farm.


Coleman Boatwright

Little Hawk Farm Supervisor

Coleman is a recent graduate of Goochland High School, where he graduated 2nd in his class. Coleman has been accepted to the University of Virginia School of Engineering for the fall of 2020. Coleman has worked for Little Hawk Farm for nearly four years.  He enjoys working on restoration projects around the farm and is excellent in working with the horses.


Ally Boatwright

Hay & Water Specialist

Ally is the younger sibling of Coleman Boatwright! We understand the importance of the very basics of horse care at Little Hawk Farm, which is why we have dedicated staff who focuses on making sure your horses water is crystal clear and clean everyday of the week and that hay is constantly available to your horse and Ally is that staff member that makes that all possible! Ally is also an experienced rider/equestrian herself!


Chase Proffitt

Equestrian Specialist

Chase was raised in a family with deep equestrian roots here in Goochland. He is a graduate of Goochland High School and a current college student who is also a pilot. That’s right folks, this young man flies airplanes! Chase is working towards his commercial pilots license. He is a new addition to Little Hawk Farm, and an excellent addition at that!


Juan Azara

Equestrian Specialist


Juan has worked for Little Hawk Farm for three years now. He has over 10 years of experience in working with horses. Juan also owns his own side business in landscaping. Juan is also one of our stallion handlers.