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About Us...

The Little Hawk Foundation's mission is to assist and provide intensive training, further rehabilitation, employment, therapy and support across multiple disciplines to individuals transitioning into the public/community so they are best prepared for a successful life.

The Little Hawk Foundation is an equine based intensive post-incarceration reentry program. It is based out of the historic Little Hawk Farm in Crozier, Virginia. The program was developed out of a partnership between Donald Scott Frankel (a former inmate/offender who was housed at James River Work Center who completed the Groom Elite Program at the James River Work Center Horse Program and instructed as a Teaching Assistant in the program and now owner of Little Hawk Farm LLC), Thomas J. Newton DVM (a former board member of the James River Horse Program, Program Vet, and a long time equine veterinarian), Jennifer B. Newton Esq. (an attorney and the spouse and business partner of Dr. Tom Newton), and Katie L. Huffman DVM (owner of Little Hawk Equine LLC, a board member and the current program veterinarian of the James River Horse Foundation at the James River Work Center).

The program will strive to provide exceptional support, resources, encouragement, understanding, education, professional development, and a pathway to personal growth. The greatest gift a participant can return to the program is to succeed!

The program also offers similar services to other re-entering the community who are not based at Little Hawk Farm.

Resources and Support

We Offer...

  • Financial Planning

  • Mental Health

  • Health Insurance

  • Education (Equine)

  • Housing

  • Employment

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

  • Family Reunification

  • Transportation

  • Legal Counseling

  • Community

  • EGALA Therapy (Equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal therapy)

Commitments Required of Participants...

  • Time Commitment of 6-12 Months

  • EGALA Therapy Participation

  • Participate in Weekly Progress Review Meetings

  • Participate in Educational Training (Quizzes, Tests, Practicals)

  • Practice Honest and Constant Communication in All Aspects of the Program

  • Must Make Progress on Fines and Restitution

  • Participate in Budgeting and Financial Planning (Short Term & Long Term)

  • Participate in Substance Abuse Counseling and Submit to Drug Testing (if deemed necessary)

  • Allow the Program to Work Actively with Probation Officers to Share and Communicate Information

Board of Directors:

-Donald "Scott" Frankel

-Katie L. Huffman, DVM

-Thomas J. Newton, DVM

-Jennifer B. Newton, Esq.

-Dr. Anne Tucker

-Justin S. Darden

-Megan Winfield, Esq., Asst. Attorney General

-Janet Dibbs

-Linda H. Boggs

-Elise Rengers


1625 Cardwell Road

Crozier, VA 23039


Veterinary Medicine & Breeding Services

(804) 784-0595

Farm & Boarding Services

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