The Little Hawk Reentry Foundation

About Us...

The Little Hawk Reentry Foundation ("LHRF") is a charitable nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  LHRF was created to reduce recidivism by providing reentry training and further rehabilitation, to assist with personal growth and development, and to support employment placement for post incarcerated individuals transitioning into the community.  Areas of support include mental health, organization of finances, debt management, life skills, and continuing education.   

For further information, please contact Acting Executive Directors Bernie and Lyn Holcomb at

(215) 275-7956 or (978) 844-7626.

Correspondence may be mailed to LHRF at P. O. Box 10, Crozier, Virginia 23039.


President: Janet Dibbs-Laming 

Vice-President: Jennifer B. Newton, Esq. 

Treasurer: Allene D. Brown 

Secretary: Megan A. Winfield, Esq.

Fundraising Chair: Cara C. Haddon

Nominating Chair: Thomas J. Newton, DVM

Acting Executive Director: Bernie Holcomb

Acting Executive Director: Lyn Holcomb

Member: Katie L. Huffman, DVM

Member: Elise Rengers

Member: Anne Tucker, PhD

Member: Linda H. Boggs

Member: Vanessa P. Fowlkes, FNP


Resources and Support

We Offer...

  • Financial Planning

  • Mental Health

  • Health Insurance

  • Education (Equine)

  • Housing

  • Employment

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

  • Family Reunification

  • Transportation

  • Legal Counseling

  • Community

  • EGALA Therapy (Equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal therapy)


Commitments Required of Participants...

  • Time Commitment of 6-12 Months

  • EGALA Therapy Participation

  • Participate in Weekly Progress Review Meetings

  • Participate in Educational Training (Quizzes, Tests, Practicals)

  • Practice Honest and Constant Communication in All Aspects of the Program

  • Must Make Progress on Fines and Restitution

  • Participate in Budgeting and Financial Planning (Short Term & Long Term)

  • Participate in Substance Abuse Counseling and Submit to Drug Testing (if deemed necessary)

  • Allow the Program to Work Actively with Probation Officers to Share and Communicate Information